In the pipeline

Here are a few stories in the works:

  • ASIA: Our top picks in Asian local currency bond markets for 2014


    EM FI: "Fragile Five" - Betwee Indonesia, India, Turkey, South Africa and Brazil, which is the "cleanest shirt"?

  • THAILAND: Thai political situation - Does it matter to local markets? How long will political risk remain elevated? What are the catalysts to something more serious?

  • CHINA: Plenary Session - Much ado about nothing? Is there anything meaningful for fixed income and FX investors? 


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PHILIPPINES: Can local markets withstand the typhoon aftermath? (FEATURE)

First and foremost, the Philippines is a nation that is dear to the hearts of the Editorial staff here at EM'gist and we offer our condolences for the huge loss of life and property to the Filipinos, who are without a doubt, some of the most gracious and resilient people on earth... MORE




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