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Updated: 10 Feb-2014


Economic + Event Calendar


Key events in EM and DM: We collate various news sources to bring you a comprehensive look into the next 7 days+.


Sources: Trading Economics,, FT: beyondBRICs + various.




10 Feb – Mon
TW: Trade balance (cons 2.2bn, prior 1.4bn)
CN: New loans (cons CNY1.1trn, prior 483bn)
EG: CPI (prior 11.7% y/y)
11 Feb – Tue
CN/TW: Chinese and Taiwanese govt officials hold first formal meeting in 65 years
ZA: Unemployment (prior 24.7%)
RU: Trade balance (cons RUB14.2bn, prior 16.55bn)
MX: IP (prior -1.4% y/y)
12 Feb – Wed
CN: Trade balance (cons USD24bn, prior 25.6bn), Exports (cons 1% y/y, prior 4.3%), Imports (cons 4% y/y, prior 8.3%)
IN: CPI (prior 9.9% y/y), IP (cons -1% y/y, prior -2.1%)
MY: GDP (cons 4.5% y/y, prior 5%), Current account (prior MYR9.8bn)
13 Feb – Thu
KR: BOK MPC mtg. (cons pause at 2.50%)
ID: BI MPC mtg. (cons pause at 7.50%)
ZA: Pres. Zuma gives state of the nation address
BR: Retail sales (cons 5.2% y/y, prior 7%)
PE: BCRP MPC mtg. (cons pause at 4.00%)
14 Feb – Fri
CN: CPI (cons 2.4% y/y, prior 2.5%), PPI (cons -1.6%, prior -1.4%)
SG: Retail sales (cons -7% y/y, prior -8.7%)
IN: Trade balance (cons deficit USD12.63bn, prior deficit 10.14bn), WPI (cons 5.58% y/y, prior 6.16%)
RU: Bank Rossii MPC mtg. (cons pause at 5.50%)
PE: GDP (cons 5% y/y, prior 4.8%), Trade balance (prior deficit USD170m)
AR: CPI (prior 1.4% m/m)





ID: Legislative elections



IN: Nationwide elections (due by May)



ID: Presidential elections 




10 Feb – Mon
CH: Unemployment (cons 3.6%, prior 3.5%)
11 Feb – Tue
JP: National Founding Day
US: Fed Chair Janet Yellen testifies before US Congress (first public comments on the economy and monetary policy before beginning term), Fed’s Fisher speaks
12 Feb – Wed
UK: BOE Gov. Carney speaks, BOE Inflation Report
EU: ECB Pres. Draghi speaks
US: Fed’s Bullard speaks, 10yr UST auction, Fed budget balance (cons -31.5bn, prior +53.2bn)
13 Feb – Thu
AU: Employment change (cons +15k, prior -22.6k)
SE: Rijksbank MPC (cons pause at 0.75%)
EU: ECB Monthly Report, European Council Meeting
GE: CPI (cons 1.3% y/y, prior 1.4%)
US: Fed Chair Janet Yellen testifies (Day 2), 30yr UST auction
US: Core retail sales (cons 0.1% m/m, prior 0.7%), IJC (cons 330k, prior 331k), Retail sales (cons 0.3% m/m, prior 0.2%)
14 Feb – Fri
FR: GDP prelim (cons 0.2% q/q, prior -0.1%)
GE: GDP prelim (cons 1.3% y/y, prior 1.1%)
IT: GDP prelim (cons -0.8% y/y, prior -1.8%)
EU: GDP prelim (cons 0.4% y/y, prior -0.3%)
US: UMich consumer sentiment prelim (cons 80.7, prior 81.2)