"In defense of 'I don't know'."


First, let me say that I am happy that you found us on the web. Thank you!


EMgist.com was launched on 12 November 2013. It is the product of my passion for the emerging markets, my experience in macro investment analysis ... and my frustration with current information gathering out there. Let me explain.




My vision for this site is the confluence of some ideas and answers to the question: "If you ran your own news service, what would it look like?"


  • More facts

  • More analysis: As a one-man operation, we simply do not have the horsepower to provide the volume of news just mentioned and the rigorous analysis that we would like to achieve. But we will provide thoughtful analyses from seasoned investors.

  • More questions: Sometimes, the toughest questions are never asked. It's Ok to say "I don't know". 

  • Less "marketing": Often, analysts are incentivized to differentiate themselves from consensus just for the sake of being different. For us, we are comfortable taking a consensus stance on a subject if we think this is the right view.

  • Less sensational: Especially headlines. Rest assure we won't have "Top 5 lists", coining new emerging market acronyms


I read a lot. Over time, I've come to be more selective - and efficient - with finding news and parsing through the data and arguments. 

My long-term goal is for EMgist to be a definitive source for information and insight.


We take pride in our attempt to be objective. You will find little difference between what we write and what we believe.





Virgil F Esguerra

Founder + Chief Editor



Virgil is an experienced EM macro analyst with extensive knowledge of global EM FX and fixed income. He developed his career with "the world's local bank" first as a New York-based LatAm economist and then as Hong Kong-based Asia FX and local rates strategist. He holds an MBA from IE Business School (Madrid) and a Bachelors in International Economics from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service (Washington, DC). Virgil has set foot in over 60 countries, but he will always consider the beaches of San Diego, California to be "home". 

Note from Founder + Chief Editor